8 Must-Know Beer Hacks That'll Change A Man's Life

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If there's one thing that every man loves, it's beer.

That crisp, clean taste is what makes guys dance, gives them confidence and helps them relax and unwind after a hard day on the job.

While we believe you know everything there is to know about drinking the stuff, we have a few beer hacks that we think could help you enjoy your brew even more. So make yourself smarter so you can impress your friends the next time someone whips out a sixer.


Using A Piece Of Paper As A Bottle Opener

Yep, we're talking about a single sheet of paper that you can rip right out of your notebook! Of course, you'll have to roll and fold it a few times to really make it strong, but, when in a mind and without a trusty bottle opener, using some paper will be just as effective.

Beer Cubes

You know how, at times, your beer tastes watered-down and a little flat after it's just been sitting around? Cool it down by dropping in a pre-made beer cube, which will instantly provide a little bit of some taste to your suds.

Beer Hops For Your Skin

OK, so this one might not be something you brag about—or show-off in public—but it's a little trick that can help keep your skin soft. That's because, by mixing beer, plain yogurt, some oil and one egg white, you can restore the pH in your face. Pretty cool, huh?

A Wet Paper Towel And A Freezer Can Chill Your Beer Out

Had to make a last-minute stop for some beer on your way to the party, but it isn't cold? Have no fear, because chilling it in a pinch is simple. Just wet a paper towel, wrap it around your beer and toss it in the freezer. After about 10-15 minutes, your beer is going to be cold—and much smoother to drink.

Using It For Cooking

People have used beer and other types of alcohol for centuries to marinate and tenderize meats, adding a unique flavor to a dish, so this one isn't new. But, for those who are looking to get a little more tenderness from a piece of meat, pouring some beer on it will help do just that.

Use Salt To Offset Bitter Beer

We're not sure if this works on skunked beer, but it certainly helps with bitter beer. Don't drop too much salt in there—you don't want it tasting like the stuff—but a little pinch will make that cheap beer you're drinking a little better.

Use It As A Shampoo

In addition to actual beer-related hair products, for those who are super cheap, using a can or two of beer to rinse your locks in the shower is an alternative way to get smooth hair. Just remember to use a real shampoo first, then condition and pour the suds on your head.

Six-Pack Organizer

Forget going to Staples to buy some silly plastic organizer that's just going to break in a few months, because a recycled six pack holder is the ideal solution instead, with things like scissors, pens and other miscellaneous items fitting perfectly into the open slots.

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