8 Amazing Things You Didn't Know Your Smartphone Was Capable Of Doing

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I have more interaction with my smartphone than with actual people. In that respect, it's way more important for me to know how to navigate all of the wonderful things my mobile device can do versus all of the seemingly average sh*t humans can do. Sure, humans can smile and hug and all of that mushy-emotionally gratifying stuff, but can they stream Netflix on their foreheads? No, they can't.

The video below released by Facts Verse offers some crucial smartphone hacks that can overall strengthen the quality of your everyday life:



Sure, these hacks may not be amazing in the sense that your mind is forever blown, but just think about how much more enjoyable formerly mundane or even painful tasks will become. For instance, commuting to work via public transportation is an absolute nightmare (on a good day). It's hard to read a book because people's body parts are usually slapping against your back and who can get lost in literature under those circumstances? Not me! The fact you can pre-download music and TV shows so you can watch without WiFi is awesome!

Also, who hasn't had to wait around for a solid hour for their phone to charge (especially if it's older)? Yeah, yeah, I know, they make portable chargers, but really, who wants to carry one more thing with them when they leave the house? It's nice to head out with a full charge so if I can reduce the charge time by half, sign me up!

Lastly, if you say you've never lost your television remote, you're a liar. It happens to EVERYONE and it's literally one of the most frustrating experiences in life (petty, I know, sue me). The fact you can just turn your phone (which is glued to your hand) into a remote is genius. 12/10 would recommend.

I'll be implementing all 8 of these in my life starting today, I hope you guys do the same.

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