8 Sure-Fire Ways To Impress Your Girlfriend's Father

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When it comes to "meeting the parents," there's always going to be a certain level of stress involved. What if they don't like you? What if they REALLY don't like you and force your girlfriend to break up with you? Worst of all, what if they like you, but they like her ex more?

These are the haunting questions that will nag you to no end in the days leading up to the big day. Of course it's important that both her parents like you, but as society would have it, the concept of "Daddy's Little Girl" is still very much engrained in our fabric, and because of that, you best believe it's of the utmost important her father likes you above all else.

Her father's baser instincts will tell him to bite your head off for going near his daughter. With that being said, is there anything you can do to prevent that horrifying situation from coming to fruition? We happen to think so.

  1. Much like at a job interview, steady eye contact and a firm hand shake are going to go a long way. If you screw this up you are going to look weak, jumpy, and possibly Sociopathic (depending upon just how badly you one, or both).

  2. Be sure that you're gainfully employed. Referring back to those baser instincts mentioned earlier, a father wants to know that his daughter will be taken care of when she leaves the nest. How are you possibly going to do that without a job? Yes, I realize it's 2017 and women work too, but she shouldn't be carrying all of the weight. If you're in-between jobs, do not meet her father. Seriously. It will backfire. If you're still in school, that's fine too. Some would argue being a student is a full-time job. Hopefully she has a super liberal father if that's the case.

  3. Talk about her a lot. I mean like a lot, a lot. Once you're done with the basic introductory bullshit, you should try and focus on how special, intelligent, beautiful, funny, driven, so on and so forth, she is. This will not be a lie. You love this girl, you know that. It's just super important HE knows that. At the end of the day, no matter how protective, a father just wants to know his daughter is happy and if he's assured you're the man for the job, it's smooth-sailing from there on out.

  4. Be sure to inquire about his life. Ask him what he does for a living (what he used to do if he's retired). Even if he had a career in something you know absolutely nothing about, like Aerospace Engineering, act interested, push further, smile! It's a bit of an ego stroke, but really, what man doesn't like a good ego stroking every now and again?

  5. Mention your plans for the future, but don't be too detailed. If you're meeting your girlfriend's father for the first time, there's a good chance you and your girlfriend have been together for awhile, but maybe not long enough that topics like children or marriage should be mentioned to the parents. Even if you've had these discussions with her, just keep them private. Go with something like, "We're going to make sure to focus on our careers/schooling/traveling/saving money before taking any big steps."

  6. Bring up your own family as much as you can, especially your mother or female siblings if you have them. It's important that her father recognizes that you don't just respect his daughter, but all women. Look, every guy has a past, but you do not want a reputation with her dad as womanizing pig or chauvinist asshole who will inevitably break his child's heart.

  7. Speaking of past, in no way, shape, or form mention how you and his daughter met if it involved Tinder, alcohol, drugs, or because you cheated on your ex with her. I know this seems obvious, but some guys get super chatty when they're nervous and spill the beans on some shit they shouldn't spill the beans about. When your telling the "how you met" story, stick to something you may have seen in a Romantic Comedy-the library, supermarket, walking down the street, you know, like how people used to meet.

  8. This one is super important, so be sure to break out a pen and paper. Be yourself. Yes, be your most polite, well-behaved-self, but don't change the things about yourself that are innately YOU, if her father doesn't like you for that, then that's his loss.

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