8 Times Live TV F*cked Up And Made Things Super Awkward

It's the Monday after the Academy Awards, and, by now, we've all seen the horrendous ending to the ceremony when Warren Beatty completely shit the bed and announced La La Land as the winner for "Best Picture" when, in fact, the award was meant for Moonlight.

Similar to the ending of Miss Universe in 2015 when that shows host, Steve Harvey, announced the wrong woman as winner, Beatty's mistake has been the laughingstock of the entire world for the past 12 hours.

That got us thinking about other times when live TV made things super uncomfortable—so enjoy these awkward moments.

Steve Harvey's Miss Universe Flop


Thanks to Warren Beatty's mistake at last night's Oscars, Steve Harvey was let off the hook for being remembered for messing up Miss Universe in 2015. As it stands now, though? Beatty's in the lead thanks to a unfathomable blunder.

When Stomping Grapes Turned Into A Hospital Visit


Making wine is a fun hobby—you pick the grapes, you stomp the grapes and you let the whole thing ferment and go through the process before enjoying. Unfortunately, this reporter never even got beyond step 2, as she ate it while stomping grapes while on live TV.

The Time The Chair Decided To Give Out


Isn't this everyone's biggest fear while sitting in a chair? Even those dainty humans who weight next-to-nothing are probably concerned that a screw will be loose and the thing will collapse beneath them. This guy was a little bit bigger, but his fate ended with embarrassment.

Boom Goes The Dynamite


Talking about sports with a couple of buddies? Simple. Giving play-by-play about sports when you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about? Not so simple. Unfortunately, this poor kid was put in a position to fail from the jump—but he did give us one of the best catchphrases in television history with "boom goes the dynamite!"

Ashlee Simpson's SNL Jig


Milli Vanilli won Grammys after fooling everyone into thinking they were just too good to be true with their dancing and singing skills, using pre-recorded tunes at their live shows until, yep, the tape skipped and they were called frauds. Same thing happened to Ashlee Simpson on SNL, when she got busted lip-synching and, rather than try and just sing over it, she busted into an Irish jig for everyone to be weirded out by.

The Stealth Dildo


It's actually almost too good to be true, with the reporter turning his back and looking towards the camera just as some evidence gets pulled from the house and taken for examining. Problem is, the evidence was a gigantic dildo. Brilliant.

When Joe Namath Wanted A Kiss


Former New York Jets Super Bowl-winning quarterback Joe Namath might be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but he came across as a top-rated creep during an ESPN broadcast back in 2003 when he drunkenly told sideline reporter Suzy Kolber that he wanted to kiss her. Maybe Broadway Joe had a little too many shots to the head... yeah, that's got to be it.

The Vibrating Toothbrush That Looked Like A Blow Job


She's just a mom trying to be sweet and give her young son some love on TV, but, uh, way to embarrass the kid by turning the "electric toothbrush" into an oral sex motion, mom! If it were for a few seconds, we get it. But the fact that she keeps going and going like the Energizer Bunny with the motions and the sexual innuendos is just too much to handle.

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