8 Wild Ways New Technology Can Help Catch A Cheater

Image via Snapchat

I've talked hundreds of times before about how cheating is, in my opinion, the coldest, most selfish and unforgivable thing a person can do while in a relationship. It's something that puts one person above both their partner and any friends/family the couple met, often leading to a horrible break up.

Unfortunately, cheating happens, and, thanks to new technology, anyone who might think they're getting away with it, may want to think again, because these are the wild ways your partner can track the extracurricular activities you cheaters are doing.

Instagram, FB, Twitter

While these are the most common social media sites out there—with parents and, yep, even grandparents, having accounts—there are still people dumb enough to get themselves caught sharing things they otherwise shouldn't. For you cheaters out there, you may want to turnoff your location settings if you're trying to get away with something.


The money-sharing app is great for repaying someone for sports tickets or a dinner, but, unless disabled, the service also shows any payments sent or received on a persons feed, meaning a partner has all the transactions a cheater may be trying to hide. With one simple click, you can see if your girl/guy has been sending/receiving cash from someone you have no idea about.


When your lady/guy leaves the bar because they're too tired to hang out, seeing their Uber/Lyft route the next day will show you any signs of a detour—so keep an eye out if you're suspicious. Showing the exact time, route, distance and price, if someone thinks they're getting away with cheating by using one of these ride-sharing apps, they should think again.


Here's a reminder to all the cheaters out there: Netflix tracks pretty much everything you do, so when your "Recently Watched" tab has a bunch of chick flicks in it—yet your man has sworn off the cheesy genre—it might be time to question why his history shows tons of them being watched without you.


We all overshare way too much, and Snapchat is one of the trendiest ways people tell friends/family what's going on in their lives. Unfortunately, for anyone cheating, it might also lead to regrettable pics and videos, showing things like getting a little too cozy with a person your significant other should be weary of.


Oh, your lady/guy says they were too tired to do anything and just laid around on the couch alone all day? Thanks to the amount of steps their FitBit says they walked, you may want to question that. That's not to say she/he were necessarily sneaking around, but this white lie may be a small sample of bigger things they're hiding from you.


People often use hashtags to express themselves or join some sort of community while at an event, so it's another way where a cheater may have been too caught up in the moment and didn't think before posting something. For example, if your girl/guy goes to a concert with a "friend," but the hashtag used is a little too flirty, it's worth bringing up to them.

iPhone Location Services

For those super paranoid people out there, seeing where your significant other is at all times is a good way to track their every move. This isn't really recommended to do—because it makes you look like an over-controlling weirdo—but, hey, if your lady/guy has snuck around before, it might as well be something to consider.

Of course, just because any or all of these might lead you to believe your partner might be doing something she/he shouldn't be, doesn't always mean that's the case. Communication in a relationship is key to growing trust and staying honest, so make sure both sides are open so not to pin someone as a cheater—because that's a good way to ruin a relationship real fast.

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