Netflix Original Shows You Should Absolutely Binge-Watch (If You Aren't Already)

Oh, sure, go ahead and tell us that the sunny and warm weather is here and you'd rather be outdoors doing nothing but lounging around in a beach chair. We hear you, but, guess what, we're just not going to listen.

That's because, when the sun does set late at night and you're trying your best to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes on the muggy back deck, you'll want to be inside where there's air conditioning and television.

While summer has some TV shows to watch, let's not kid ourselves, those shows don't stack up with some of the ones you regularly tune into during the fall or spring.

Naturally, that means you turn your attention to Netflix—and rightfully so. Still, just because you know you're going to binge-watch doesn't mean you know what to binge-watch. That's where we come in.

We've gone ahead and found nine Netflix original TV shows that we think you should reintroduce yourself to, whether for the first or 10th time. Trust us here, we're professionals.

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