Ludacris Tells Us Everything We Need To Know About The New 'Fear Factor'

Image via MTV

If you're a child of reality TV—which, c'mon now, aren't we all?—there's a very good chance you remember the show Fear Factor, which pitted contestants in some of the most insane, disgusting and downright nasty challenges.

While the show may have run from 2001-06, returning for a couple more seasons from 2011-12, the reality show is getting the proper facelift that it deserves today, with MTV relaunching a hipper, just-as-terrifying reboot that has Atlanta rapper Ludacris as its host, premiering tonight, May 30th, at 10p EST.

Lucky for us, we got to go behind-the-scenes and visit the show to talk with Luda about what the new show has in store


As our clip above shows, Ludacris talks about how technology has changed people's fears, with cell phones—seriously—being one thing that no one wants to lose. I mean, don't we all agree? Who can live without it?

In addition to some of the new challenges we showcase above, Ludacris spoke with TV Guide a little bit more about what to expect on the new show, even detailing the challenges that he would never want to try for himself.


Have You Been Able To Do Any Of The Challenges Yourself?

  • "As of now, I'm just sitting back and watching. I'm sitting back and hosting because my job is kind of demanding already. I wish I could play all the roles at the same time, but unfortunately I can't do that yet."


    Have You Had A Favorite Challenge So Far That Really Got Your Blood Pumping?
  • "My favorite challenge so far is probably one where these contestants are 100 feet up in the air, but there's like a teeter totter and they have to balance their weight in order to not fall and grab these flags up underneath this platform. It was just kind of crazy."


    Has There Ever Been A Moment Where You're Wondering If These Challenges Are Really Safe?
  • "Yeah, safety comes first especially with the reboot. To my understanding, there might have been some issues before for why they had to stop doing the original. But safety is key and number one."


    Are Their Any Challenges You Would Never Do?
  • "Anything that has to do with taste aversion is something I really don't like. Basically having to drink and eat nasty food is something that is going to be the most difficult if I was doing it. Just the smell alone gets me."

Yeah, we tend to agree with you on that one, Luda. Who wants to put something in their mouth that's squirming around the entire time down? Nope, not us!

Remember to check out the new season of Fear Factor every Tuesday on MTV at 10p EST—assuming you have the guts for it.

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