Zombies! 'Wyrmwood: Chronicles Of The Dead' TV Series Teaser Clip Released

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Let's face it, there's no escaping those brain-eating zombies. They're everywhere, and their ranks are growing!

Soon to join The Walking Dead, iZombie and Fear The Walking Dead, is the Australian TV series Wyrmwood: Chronicles Of The Dead, a sequel of sorts to the 2015 horror feature Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead. Again, that's a whole lotta zombies out there!

The film version, as well as the new series (extended clip below - it's pretty intense and bloody, but also very cool; be warned) focuses on a zombie apocalypse triggered by a meteor shower foretold by The Bible. In this case, though, it's the military, intent on performing experiments on zombies and humans, who are largely perceived as the villain. And taking on the military are the zombies, led by a woman named Brooke who has the ability to telepathically control them in battle.


In an interview with Horror News Network, Tristan Roache-Turner (who co-created and directed with brother Kiah the film and series), said of the decision to bring the concept to television, "There's been so many great TV shows to come out lately that allow so much expansion of the story and a longer amount of time to really connect with the characters involved."

He pointed to shows like Fargo, American Crime Story: The People Vs OJ Simpson and True Detective as being others series that have take a concept and used the medium to deepen the storytelling (though no one is claiming depth in this particular instance).

"There's so much going on in the Wyrmwood world, we thought the longer format could really benefit the narrative and give it space to breathe and flesh out characters," he added. "And eight hours of action-packed gore is much more than just ninety-minutes."

See, no depth there. But in this instance, that's a good thing.

Events of the series will take place between six months and a year following the film, and will see Bianca Bradey and Jay Gallagher reprising their respective big screen roles of Brooke and Barry. There will, noted Roache-Turner, be a handful of new characters "who all kick butt in their own unique way. Some have powers as a result of being experimented on by the military, and some are able to open a can of whoop-ass, because they've got that set of skills from their old life before the apocalypse hit."

No word on a U.S. distributor, though odds are strong it will end up being streamed on Netflix or Hulu.

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