A Hell Of A Lot Of Passengers And Flight Attendants Are 'Doing It' On Planes (And, Sometimes, Together)

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We've all had the urge and desire to join the legendary "Mile High Club"—where we get a first-class romp even though we're not sitting in a first-class seat—but actually pulling it off isn't always the easiest thing.

That said, after seeing the results of a new study from travel website Jetsetter, via Travel and Leisure, we now know that you're chances of banging in the air are a hell of a lot better than you originally thought.

Just look at the results of the study.

In a new poll of 1,600 travelers, the website Jetsetter found that 15 percent of respondents said they have had sex on a plane. Another recent study by the British airfare search engine Jetcost surveyed over 700 British flight attendants and found that 21 percent of them had participated in sexual relations with a colleague, while 14 percent had done so with passengers. It appears that flying the friendly skies is getting friendlier all the time.

So, yeah, with this new info, forget about trying to take something to knock you out so you can sleep the entire flight—you might want to pop a Viagra instead!

In addition to the statistics above, the Travel and Leisure piece also helps those passengers struggling with getting laid 30,000 feet in the air, offering up some advice from flight attendants on how to pull off the risky move.

“Long-haul flights, and relatively empty ones are best, ” says one flight attendant with a major legacy carrier. “A lot of them are overnight, so people have some time to drink, the cabin gets dark, and off you go.” Our flight attendants also clock the most copulation on flights to popular party destinations like Vegas or the Maldives.

“Use the handicapped lav because it’s larger and there’s more space to maneuver. Plus they have handicap rails so you have something to grip.” Just remember, says another, “We can get into the bathroom at any point,” so don’t think that lock will keep you safe.

Flights are a great opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, but, forget all that, because planes seem to be a hotbed for sex, so join the damn club!


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