A Man's Guide To The Best Burger

Image Via Instgram/bobbysburgerpal

I'm not knocking Esquire at all when it comes to their perfect burger guide! In fact, it's absolutely legit. Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, and Mark Hix (to name a few) are certainly men who know their beef, but as I continued to read, I found myself missing something. Well, maybe not something, but someone.

Then it hit me, you can't do an article about burgers without mentioning Bobby Flay. That's like writing about bad hair pieces and not including Donald Trump. It seems ill-fitting, like Trump's suits, for example. Alright, enough with The Donald digs, this about the most American thing of all. Not life, not liberty, not the pursuit of happiness, but burgers! Juicy, glorious, cheesy, burgers.

As mentioned, for my guide, I'll be gleaning all burger advice from Mr. Flay. He's never failed me on the grill before, and the hope is that he won't fail you guys either. I've seen virtually every episode of, "Beat Bobby Flay", "Food Network Star" as well as various other programs he's been on discussing his burger know-how, but to be as clear as possible, I'll be relaying his advice as per a tutorial he did back in May 2016 with The Today Show.

Seems a bit dated, I know, but the fact is, his burger recipe hasn't wavered since. Why? Because it works! If you're too lazy to try this out yourself, feel free to check out one of the 19 Bobby's Burger Palaces spread across The East Coast (sorry, West Coasters, at least you have In-N-Out).

The steps are pretty simple, so even if you aren't adept in the kitchen you still have a shot at pulling this off. He discusses the most crucial elements, fat content being one of the most important. I know a lot of you guys out there are singing praises about your 90/10, but if you want the best burger, you're gonna have to make some adjustments. 80/20 is absolutely essential. Bobby often uses a cast iron skillet for his burgers, which truthfully, I prefer, but his techniques translate just as well onto the grill.

Ultimately, if you're able to follow along with this video to a T, you should be able to end up with something this beauty:

Don't forget, National Cheeseburger day is September 18, 2017 so you have plenty of time to pull this off.

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