A Man's Guide To Using Coffee Grounds In Alternative Ways

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As someone who used to work at a coffee shop, I learned one thing really fast — people are obsessed, no, check that, insane about their coffee. Maybe that's why we're all in search of the best single cup coffee makers on the market to enjoy a solid cup of Joe in the comfort of our own homes. Or, maybe, it's just because coffee is life to most of us, relying on the stuff to wake us up and get us energized each day.

Serving as the Journalist for Seattle's Caffe Vita a few years ago, I was given a crash course in all all things coffee, learning the process of choosing the right coffee seed, the process of roasting it and, of course, how to properly brew it.

That said, I also learned some alternative ways to use ground coffee, which is why I wanted to share some knowledge with you. So, before tossing those grounds out, consider these options first.

Exfoliate Your Skin

We've told you the proper way to trim and manage your beard, but it's important to remember to keep the skin beneath those whiskers clean, too. Rather than splurge on some expensive moisturizer that you might use once before letting it gather dust in your cabinet, go for some coffee grounds instead.

Make A Kitchen Scrub

Believe it or not, coffee grounds can actually help fight those hard to scrub stains inside pots and pans, so stop putting in so much effort and elbow grease! With just a little coffee grounds on a wet sponge, you can make your dishes free of all that grime leftover from that killer meal you cooked last night. Just remember to use soap afterwards to clean it for good.

Make A Wood Stain

Whether you're a regular DIY kind of guy or are just tackling a weekend project, using coffee grounds as a wood stain is a perfect way to get the appropriate color. Rather than getting a bunch of dyes or paint to experiment with, tossing in coffee grounds with some vinegar and mixing with steel wool will give you the color you're looking for.

Fight Those Refrigerator Odors

Much like baking soda does, coffee grounds help absorb odors in your fridge or freezer, tackling those leftovers without making your entire kitchen smell awful. Plus, given the scent of coffee, the grounds sitting in the back of the fridge may actually make things a little more reasonable on the nostrils.

Dry Rub

Given all the available information about food these days, we have a feeling you already know this, but coffee grounds as a dry rub is becoming a regular practice in trendy restaurants. Thanks to the rise of the foody culture, chefs everywhere are finding ways to incorporate coffee into their dishes, with the grounds capable of bringing out all the flavors in meats like pork, chicken or steak.

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