A Manager Accidentally Sent His Employee A Nasty Text Meant For His Wife

Image Via Getty

This is everyone's worst nightmare, right? Like, isn't this why we obsess over our messages time and time again before hitting send? This can't just be me! I'd venture to say plenty of people have this unsettling paranoia that they're going to be saying some nasty sht and send it to someone at work, or even worse, the person they're saying said nasty sht about. Oh, the horror, I can't even think about. I get the chills.

Well, it seems that Hamza's Hendrix's manager doesn't share in my sentiments above whatsoever. In fact, it seems like the dude just blindly texts without a care in the world. Otherwise, how else would he have not noticed that he was texting his employee when he meant to text his wife?!

When I say nasty sh*t, I mean rude, angry, maybe even a bit aggressive. Not nasty like a dick pic, which I guess is the silver lining here. Nothing like a good dick pick to spark up a sexual harassment suit, amirite?

That actually turned out really well all things considered. If anything, Hamza showed a great deal of empathy and decorum! What a good employee. Personally, I want to know what the wife did. Image Via Getty


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