A Normal Guy Followed The Rock's Insane Diet Plan, And It Ended... Badly (Video)

Sorry to break the news, guys, but Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is better than you at everything, and that's an actual fact. He's better than you at acting, he's better than you at throwing his elbow into people's windpipes, and, as it turns out, he's even better than you at eating too.

We've told you before about how the man has a behemoth "cheat day" meal every once in a while—seriously, look at all those calories in the french toast tower of his.

Dwayne Johnson has talked before about his workout fueling diet, and it's LEGITIMATELY INSANE, with a bunch of food necessary to give him the energy to get through those intense workouts that he packs in every single day.

The vast food plan, which amounts to almost four times a human being's daily allowance of calories, includes seven enormous meals designed to keep one of the world’s most giant men at the top of their game.

To put into perspective just how insane The Rock’s daily diet is, a guy from Complex has attempted to follow his lead, and the results were...interesting.


WTF, man?!?

Now, we've heard about food challenges before—hell, we even participated in a "Blazin' Wing Challenge" at Buffalo Wild Wings not too long ago, which, admittedly, tore up our insides. But, that was just a little pain that lasted about 12 hours, this guy stuffed himself for, oh, about four days worth of food... well, tried to.

We're not one to just bow down and admire another person, typically capable of putting up a fight and believing in ourselves to accomplish something. But, sorry, this isn't one of those moments, so we'll happily praise Dwayne Johnson for being better than us at basically everything—and we have no shame in admitting that after all the hardcore things he does.

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