A San Diego Chargers Security Guard Got Very Handsy With Himself While Standing Next To The Cheerleaders

Image via Twitter

There are a few things frowned upon in life, and masturbating in public is obviously one of them. That said, I don't want to pin that on this poor San Diego Chargers security guard from this past Sunday's game, but, well, just look at the video that someone posted to Twitter and try to convince yourself that's not what he's doing.

At first, you might think that, maybe, just maybe, he's trying to keep his leg warm or something. Then you remember that, oh yeah, it's San Diego, so the weather's not exactly frigid.

When you consider the guy's standing about 10 feet in front of the holiday-themed outfits of the team's cheerleaders and, well, it sure looks like we've got a public masturbator on our hands.


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