The Best Workouts To Get (And Keep) Abs Of Steel, As Told By Model Ashley Resch

It's the time of year when we're stuffing our faces with food and our bellies with booze, so staying fit is something we have to work just a little bit harder to do. For that reason — and because we enjoy her company — we hit up Canadian Instagram model Ashley Resch, who revealed a few ab workouts to try out in order to get that six pack we've all wanted.

Previously, Ashley Resch gave us some advice about what workout classes men can meet women at, so it's safe to say that the Instagram model knows a thing or two about working out.

Considering ab workouts are some of the worst we all look forward to, Ashley Resch is here to inspire you by kicking your ass into shape. Time to stop sucking in that gut and start showing that sic pack, fellas.

Even in the winter time, I always have to be in my best shape. That means a short bulking season and always working to have a flat tummy and some stellar abs. Working out your core not only looks amazing, but it helps with posture, back pain and being able to upgrade so many personal records! Here are some ab workouts that I recommend trying to achieve those goals, guys.


Planking (side, front… **all of them!) are seriously an amazing way to build up a ton of muscle that we don’t use throughout our other workouts, or that we can’t target through other core workouts. Planking will help make your abs pop and really tone up for the flat stomach you’ve been wanting to achieve!

Working Out Abs Every Second Day

It's no surprise that you need to give your body a break, but don’t stop working out your abs completely. I swear by doing cardio one day (following my resistance training), then doing a killer ab routine the next day.

Combining Weights With Core Workouts But Knowing When To Stop

Adding weights in (like dumbbells, kettle bells or plates) will make sure your abs get some killer results; but you have to know when to stop. Resistance and weight training swells the muscle and, when you're trying to build muscle, this is great. But, when you're trying to get a six pack, you need to combine weight training with cutting out methods like low weight until failure workouts following heavy weight training with your core; this way you will be building muscle but really cutting into the muscle as well.

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