Abigail Ratchford Graces Us Yet Again With Her Breathtaking Curves

Y'all let us know if you ever get sick of these Abigail Ratchford posts, OK? That way we can laugh in your faces! Sorry, that was a little harsh, but, for real, what's not to like? Scratch that — love?! Come on, we know her 8.2 million Instagram followers would agree, right? We'd venture to say that a few of you reading along right now already fit that criteria. If not, go ahead and tap that follow button, it'll be the best decision of your life.

In a lot of ways, Abigail is exactly what you'd get if you took all of the physical qualities men desire most and put them into one woman. Are we being too stereotypical here to assume this of men? No way! You find us one dude who isn't into the whole raven-hair, light-eyes, olive oil skin combination and we'll call BS for days. Beauty is subjective, except for Abigail Ratchford. Oh, and maybe Lindsey Pelas. Ah, man, and Emily Ratajkowski. OK, OK, there's alot of beautiful women in the world.

For this post specifically, Ratchford went ahead and graced us with her breathtaking figure. Of course, while rocking a thong bikini, she posed on a balcony with her butt smack dab in the face of the camera. Seriously, it's quite the up close and personal shot, for which we are forever thankful! Take a look, you won't be disappointed! That's an FHM guarantee.

Lead Image Via Getty

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