Abigail Ratchford Teases In Lacy White Lingerie And It's Driving Us Wild

It's not every day that you're blessed enough to cross a beautiful woman like Abigail Ratchford on the street, so let's just give a thanks be to God that Instagram and Snapchat exist. If you don't follow Abigail on snapchat, don't fret! She often shares her most salacious posts with her 7.7 million followers and now we're here to share it with you!

It looks like Ratchford is heading to Vegas and of course, any proper female knows that means one thing—lingerie, lingerie, and more lingerie! We know there's not too much booty in the post, but you'll live! If not, we've got plenty in the name of all that is butts!

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Can we just say that white lace is a damn fine look on Ms. Abigail, take a look!

If you're looking to win over Abigail's heart, sliding into her DMs is NOT the way to go. In an interview with FHM, she details the best way to get her attention—

Clearly Instagram DMs isn’t the way to your heart, so how should a guy get your attention?

"Most guys I've dated usually have a similar sense of humor as mine. Someone funny, who doesn't take themselves too seriously, but also very driven and focused. I like guys who don't come on too strong, and start as friends who flirt first. Then we see where it goes."

You can read the full interview below, and of course, because we love ya'll so much, we went ahead provided some additional crazy-sexy photos for you to indulge in! Happy drooling, boys.

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