Abigail Ratchford Teases With Hand Bras And Barely There Lingerie

It's pretty hard to believe that Abigail Ratchford still knows what it takes to blow our minds. After all, when it comes to shock value, the 25-year-old brunette has never lacked it, posing for pics that could only be described as skintastic.

And, once again, Abigail brings the heat with some of her most recent Instagram pics, using the old reliable hand bra action to get our engines revving, in addition to some barely there lingerie that reveal every bit of her.

Having posed for various men's mags, Abigail Ratchford clearly understands what men enjoy the most—and, shocker, it's a hell of a lot of her—with the curvaceous woman never leaving much to the imagination. And that's not something we're disappointed about... at all!

Maybe that's the reason why Abigail's continued to thrive in her entertainment career, moving beyond just her 7.3 million followers on Instagram and into TV roles like a cameo on Parks and Rec back in 2014. She's even gotten so popular that TMZ has given her the nickname “The Sweetheart". How fitting.

Also being featured on numerous billboards in Los Angeles, Abigail Ratchford will only continue to shine—and, yep, maybe even blow our minds every once in a while.

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