Turns Out, Accidental Nudity Is The Best Kind As People Share Some Hilarious "Uh-Oh" Naked Encounters

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We know it's not exactly nice to laugh at other people's embarrassment, but these accidental nudity stories are just too good to pass up. Of course, in the real world, you know, the one outside of reddit, we respect people's privacy and would never (and we mean never) attempt to recreate these moments, but for the sake of experiencing other people's encounters, we're enjoying the ride! If nothing else, when you're done laughing out loud, let this article be a reminder to shut the freakin' door, close the damn blinds, and always make sure no one is home before dropping trou and running around.


Special shoutout to reddit user, fucc6boi9, for posing the following question and letting us bask in the second-hand glory. His question, "What’s the best accidental nudity you’ve seen?" focused specifically on the "best" accidental nudity moments. We decided to spice it up by adding the worst too! What can we say? We like some variety! Brace yourselves, folks — there's a solid mix of saggy and shocking coming your way.

"My freshman year roommate. I came home early because a class had been canceled. She was vacuuming the room completely naked, half drunk, blasting Ke$ha." — SalemScout

"I saw my grandma's 80 year old boob, I also felt as it landed on my hand. First boob first touch and I wish that day could be erased because of obvious reasons." — BrittleBonesBishop

"I was doing an underwear run in a bikini (same coverage, more acceptable) and people were being very nice. It was a fantastic ego boost since I'm borderline overweight and I'm in Korea where most women are very small. So I'm jogging and I'm happy and finally, we stop for a beer and a friend points out that my boob had popped out the top of my bikini at some point. I figured at least a dozen people saw it." — PriscillaPresley


"When I was about 4, my older brother ran out of our room yelling "Jack's taking his clothes off!" to which I responded by running out and yelling "No I'm not!" in the nude. My family still brings it up every once in a while." — PrematureJack

"Idiot, little brother pantsed me while I was bowling. I was secretly going commando that day. I was standing up, lining up my shot when it happened, so I'm pretty sure there was lots of folks who discovered my secret of commando Friday." — GoldenTaint

"A tan, old, leathery man biking at the Naked Bike Ride in Portland. Didn't know it was that day, and now the image is forever burned into my mind." — clownfreya


"Went to the dryer topless going to grab a bra thinking I was home alone. Step brother and his friend were on the couch and both saw me. I panicked and hid in my room till they left. When I finally talked to him first thing he tells me is 'So, when did you pierce your nipples?' and it's been awkward ever since." — okaykayley

To read more hilarious instances of our new favorite thing — accidental nudity — head on over to reddit and have a laugh.

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