'The Dude' Abides: Jeff Bridges Reprises Classic Role During Walk Of Fame Ceremony (Video)

Image via YouTube

It's one of the biggest cult-classic flicks of all-time, with everyone knowing the true, uh, dudeness of "The Dude" from the 1998 movie The Big Lebowski. And, just when you thought you would never see Jeff Bridges impersonate his most well-known character, he surprised us all by busting out Lebowski during John Goodman's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.


Just awesome.

Bridges and Goodman starred in The Big Lebowski, so it's pretty awesome seeing their friendship come to this some 20 years later, with "The Dude" delivering his speech in full sweatered garb and his natural quirkiness.

My favorite part? John Goodman laughing hysterically in the background during the ceremony that's in honor of him. This brings all sorts of awesomeness, so good on Jeff Bridges to give the Internet something to talk about—while also giving his good buddy a proper respect.


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