Hugh Jackman, Will Smith, And 7 Other Actors Who Went Into Total Beast Mode For A Movie Role

We're going to safely assume that most of the guys reading along are fully aware what beast mode means. Otherwise, why the heck would you click on this article? Then again, maybe you clicked in order to learn — nothing wrong with that! If that's the case, sit down and let us educate you.

In a nut shell, beast mode indicates when someone has entered a state of extreme or serious training. It's definitely a phrase you've heard grunted in gyms across America. On occasion, some dudes will use the term to describe other things like partying or hitting on chicks. Don't be those dudes, please.

Today, we're talking about the real beast mode — the one involving health and fitness. Some of the most famous actors in Hollywood have had to go full beast mode for a role and trust us, it's A LOT freakin' harder than it seems. Sure, they made get paid a whole lot of money, but sometimes they have to ruin their lives (happiness and ability to eat anything tasty) in the process.

For the complete guide of actors who went into beast mode for a role, keep on scrolling!