Age Is Just A Number: The Hottest Women Over 40 On Instagram

Blame it on plastic surgery if you must, but these women are proof that 40 is DEFINITELY the new 30. Hell, they're proof that 40 is the new 20! And we don't really care how that came to be! Although, we're pretty sure it's hard work, exercise, and good genetics. Just sayin'.

From Elizabeth Hurley and Kate Beckinsale to Halle Berry and Carmen Electra, all of should only be so lucky to look THIS good after long, successful careers, happy marriages, and beautiful families.


To choose a favorite is impossible. In fact, we didn't stop at that video! We decided we'd do you guys one better and create a gallery of 15, yes 15! Beautiful women over 40 on Instagram to drool over. To be fair, we will make the clarification that Sarah Michelle Gellar is exactly 40, but will be turning 41 next April. We're hoping you guys can forgive us for that one. Pretty please?

Cindy Crawford once said, "The face you have at age 25 is the face God gave you, but the face you have after 50 is the face you earned." And gosh darnit, she's right! These women aren't just stunning aesthetically. It's their experience and wisdom that makes them all the more sexy. I mean sure, go ahead and make all the MILF cracks you want, but there's nothing hotter than a woman who's lived a life, learned a lot, and who could teach you a thing a two (inside and outside of the bedroom, thank you very much).

Lead image via Instagram/elizabethhurley1.

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