Kanye West's Hideous New Sneakers Are Getting Roasted By People On Twitter (And You'll See Why)

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Love him or hate him, nobody can deny that Kayne West makes some nice freakin' sneakers. Erm, well, he did make some nice sneakers. Now? We're not so sure. After Kayne's beloved, Kim Kardashian revealed the latest and greatest from the Adidas Yeezy line we're a bit skeptical. No, we're very skeptical. Turns out, the internet shares in our sentiment.

They're called Mud Rat 500s and while we have no idea what they cost yet, anything over $19.99 would be insulting. We understand that fashion and style are subjective, but had we worn these in middle school, we would have gotten beaten up. We're not saying it's right, but it's the truth! Go ahead and take a look, let the Mud Rat wash over you...

Look familiar? Yeah, that's because you've seen them on the feet of nurses and senior citizens for years. Either they knew something that Kayne didn't and now he's in tune to the benefits of orthopedic shoes, OR he's profiting off of the idiot's who will buy anything with his name attached to it. We're thinking it's the latter and apparently, a lot of folks on Twitter are too:

You just gotta love the internet, don't you? In most instances, we take issue with senseless torment of famous people, but in this case, have at it. Those shoes are heinous. Actually, you know what?! They aren't that bad, but we refuse to give Kayne credit for them. If you guys want a pair of these shoes, please look up your nearest Walmart location and cop a pair.

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