Adult Film Site Released A Bloopers Reel And It Makes Sex More Awkward Than Ever

Image via YouTube

Remember the very first time you ever had sex? Yeah, it was as awkward as a monkey riding around on a the back of a dog, with you not knowing what you were doing, but thinking/hoping that you did thanks to the porn you watched.

Well, as disturbing as that image is—which will forever be deeply embedded into your brain—at least this bloopers reel from adult film site Brazzers is a little bit worse, making sex appear to be so awkward that anyone who hasn't yet had it might actually never want to.


The world of theatrical porn is funny, as the plots are, at times, ridiculous, the acting is sub-par at best and the lines and sex innuendos are flawless—which is exactly why we love them in the first place.

While all of that seems silly since, let's face it, spoiler alert, it all leads to a hardcore scene, at least the Brazzers blooper reel shows the real side of porn sets—which seems like a lot more fun than it is sexy.


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