Adult Film Stars Hilariously Answer, "Do You Squ*rt?"

Image Via YouTube/WoodRocket

WoodRocket should receive an award for educating the masses the way they do! Every Wednesday the YouTube Gods bestow upon us a new, "Ask A Porn Star" video and with that, every hump day we get to learn a little something about a beloved and very helpful industry.

This week, things get a little messy when the porn stars are asked, "Do you squirt?" The question in itself isn't exactly dirty, I mean, male porn stars talk about ejaculation all the time, what's the big deal about a simple gender reversal? Well, because squirting is so elusive to most people, the responses are pretty hilarious. Take a look:


As you saw, the matter is very complicated. It seems the most common trend among the women is that squirting can very much so be a surprise! Who knew? Additionally, it's super dependent on the person they're with and the effort that person is making. Needless to say, lazy lovers need not apply if you're thinking of adding squirting to the bedroom menu. Lastly, it's hard to contain, so maybe invest in some blue tarp.

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