Adult Film Stars Discuss Which Video Games They Play, And, Uh, Does It Get Any Better?

Image Via YouTube/WoodRocket

Just when we thought WoodRocket covered all of our favorite topics (you know, like where porn stars went to school—not anything crazy, cough squirting cough) they whip out this beautiful edition of the "Ask A Porn Stars" series about which video games these adult film babes love to play! Oh, and Mick Blue is also in there, but he's always in there as the only dude—champagne problems, amirite?! Seriously, I wonder if he ever has a single complaint or if he just floats on a cloud of porn stars and giggles.

Anyway, with my obvious jealousy aside, in the episode you'll see Piper Perri, Cassandra Cain, Riley Reid, Rizzo Ford, Cherie DeVille, Mick Blue, Jessie Lynne, Charlotte Sartre, Kat Monroe, Val Dodds, Bella Doll, Aubrey Sinclair discuss which video games they love to play now and which ones they loved to play as kids.

Riley Reid was REALLY into Mortal Kombat—so much so that she may have blurred the lines between reality and fantasy just a bit (which, to be fair, is sort of exactly what she does now for a living). There's a lot of Call of Duty fans, surprisingly. For those of you who just thought it was for the boys, thought wrong!

There were some cuter answers like Dance, Dance Revolution, Super Mario Brothers and Sonic The Hedgehog—which of course are video game staples for kids (and porn stars) everywhere. There were some stars who pulled the classic "girl video game" move where they just pressed a shit ton of buttons and hoped for the best. I found that to be a pretty solid strategy for most girls playing along with the boys and it turns out, after awhile, you actually star to understand how the game works.

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