Adult Film Stars Give Their Best Dating Advice

Image via YouTube

As we know you know, dating is difficult. And, while it's not the most "loving" time of the year—that was back in February on Valentine's Day—it's important that you don't screw it up royally by forgetting to do something or, worse, just blowing it off by avoiding it altogether.

But, since we can only say and do so much for you to make your significant other feel special, we figured a few porn stars might help get the message across better. That's why we're giving you this video, where rising adult film star Harriet Sugarcookie asked her peers some of the best dating advice around.


From the top spots to pick-up women to the best effective way to get those ladies back to your place, these porn stars know what they're talking about—and it's worth remembering as you go out into the wild and try your hand at the dating game.


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