This Gadget Allows You To 'Be Intimate' With Your Wife And Adult Film Stars At The Same Time (VIDEO)

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According to The New York Post—A production firm called “VR Bangers” has launched an online campaign aimed at persuading men to use virtual reality to fool themselves into thinking they are sleeping with a porn star."

Hm, seems like a solid campaign strategy. I don't think VR Bangers will have any difficulty convincing men to do this. The description from their video reads—"The Future of Porn is here! Ever wonder what it feels like to be in bed with a Hot porn star or cheat on your wife/girlfriend without cheating? Well, wonder no more! we have the answer for you!" That's all well and good, BUT has anyone asked women what they think? Huh? Anyone? Ah, didn't think so.

In a statement from one of their spokespeople, it's pretty clear that they have the utmost confidence in their goal—"Face it, no matter how much you love your wife, having sex with the same person for the millionth time isn’t going to be as much fun as it was the first time she said ‘yes."

Wow, talk about romance, huh? Again, does anyone see a potential flaw in this plan? No? Not anyone?! No one thinks that strapping goggles to your head in order to emulate sex with another woman might piss your wife or girlfriend off? Do you honestly believe that they're going to be flattered by such an outlandish, disrespectful gesture?

Oh wait, there is hope! Hallelujah! "VR Bangers boss, Daniel Abramovich noted a flaw in the plan: Women may not be too happy about getting intimate with a man who’s willing to wear a VR headset while enjoying the act of physical love."

No shit!! Ya think, Daniel? I imagine that if the shoe were on the other foot, men wouldn't be too keen on women wearing these headsets. Then again, I don't know. Men have fewer restrictions (and by restrictions, I mean standards, than women).

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