X-Rated Site Reveals The Most Searched Halloween-Themed Movies From Each State... How Wild Is Yours?

Image via YouTube

Halloween's the one day a year where we can choose to be whatever and whomever the hell we want to. But, in porn, it's pretty common for adult film stars to slip on something funny to play a role like a nurse or a cop.

And because people really like parody pornos, adult film site RedTube uncovered the most popular searched Halloween-themed movies in each U.S. state.

While things like the aforementioned "nurse", "cop" or some sort of superhero will always be up there, a couple of the standouts come from places like Minnesota—which is looking for something as simple as "slutty costume"—and, even more extreme, New Jersey, with its residents looking for "costume orgy," which I can't even explain.

And I don't know who in the hell is watching demon or Wizard of Oz porn, but it might be time to get out of the house a little bit more.

H/T RedTube