Airbnb Hosts Hold Nothing Back As They Reveal How They Feel About You "Getting It On" In Their Place

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While the concept of an Airbnb might feel like your typical vacation hotel, it's really, well, not a hotel at all. It's someone's home — house, apartment, bungalow, you name it, someone actually lives there. Of course, this Airbnb host is almost never present during your stay, but, still, does that mean you should do whatever (or whomever) you please while you're there? Technically speaking, it's not against the law or anything, but you are exchanging money to use this person's space and that use comes with the expectation that you'll follow their rules. Question is, do all Airbnb hosts feel the same way about guests getting down and dirty in their freshly washed sheets?

Thankfully, a couple of reddit users chimed in to end the debate once and for all. Actually, scratch that, they only made the debate even more complicated, but, at the very least, we now know that there are plenty of hosts out there willing to let people use their home as a love (making) nest.


"As a host, I assume people do it. The bed is fine, but it would be rude to do it on the couch, etc. without having a sheet on it first. It is expected that your host will change the sheets on the bed afterward go at it."


"I know that folks definitely have sex in my Airbnb rooms, but most of them have been considerate. Just keep it quiet and clean up after yourselves! The worst is when I hear people going at it, or have to clean up used condoms from random places. Don't be those people and you'll be fine."


"Personally I dont mind if two registered guests are hooking up (though I'd rather they did it quietly). I dont approve of random strangers coming into my house, though, and my house rules clearly state that I only let registered guests in."


"I am a host. Keep it quiet and I don't care as long as you are both registered guests. Serenade me with it and we will have a problem. Also, don't leave the sheets disgusting from your activities. #IJS"


"Limit it to the bedroom and the shower. Host's don't react well to body fluids on their furniture."


"Bang Away"




We thought ending it with both, "bang away" and "smash" were the perfect summation of how the youth culture feels about sex — just a bunch of hopeless romantics, ha! No, seriously though, have sex as you please, where you please (whether your Airbnb hosts cares or not) just make sure it's always safe and consensual.

To read the full thread, head on over to reddit for more feedback from Airbnb hosts across the globe!

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