Heading Home For The Holidays? Here's 9 Things You Should Never Do On An Airplane

When it comes to proper airplane etiquette, there really shouldn't be as much confusion as there is. It seems as if some people really can't wrap their head around the idea that there's just certain things you don't do 39,000 feet in the freakin' air. To those people, we'd like to extend a little how-to guide. With the holidays right around the corner, travel season is about to hit an all time high. The last thing we want is your poor mother getting a phone call from TSA because you behaved like an animal on the plane ride home. Not that that's ever happened to us or anything.

Follow these rules of the air and everything should be smooth sailing! Speaking of sailing, these rules don't apply to boats. Boats have a whole different set of rules, but no worries, we'll save that for the summertime.

For the complete how to guide of sh*t not to do on airplane, keep scrolling and safe travels!