Airplane Pilot Arrested After Being Found In Cockpit Hammered Off His Ass

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Has anyone else seen that movie Flight with Denzel Washington, where the Academy Award-winning actor plays the part of an alcoholic pilot who flips a plane upside down before landing it in a field, instantly becoming a hero? Well, passengers aboard a Sunwing Airlines flight this past Saturday nearly had to deal with a similar captain.

According to Business Insider, the Captain of Flight 595, 37 year-old Miroslav Gronych, was found in the cockpit of the aircraft drunk and unconscious, forcing him to be escorted from the plane and arrested.

The aircraft was bound to takeoff from Calgary for Cancun, but the flight crew claim to have noticed Gronych acting strangely and, ultimately passing out in the cockpit, with Calgary police describing him as being "severely impaired by alcohol, per the Huffington Post.

Said to have had three times the legal blood-alcohol limit (.08), passengers are lucky Gronych wasn't able to take his seat and attempt to fly the plane—something that had slim chances thanks to all the security and safety precautions pre-flight.

"It had all the potential for a disaster but I'll tell you this much — the likelihood of a pilot on a major airline like this actually being able to take off when they're impaired like that is pretty slim, because there's a lot of checks and balances. There's the other flight crew and there's gate crew and they're all about safety," Sgt. Paul Stacey said.

"They found him slumped over in the seat. He was the captain," Stacey added.

Following his arrest and results to determine his blood alcohol content, Miroslav Gronych was charged with "having care and control of an aircraft while impaired" and "having care and control of an aircraft over .08 (or exceeding 80 mgs of alcohol per 100mL of blood)."

This is anything but a first-class move, so glad the plane never got a chance to takeoff with this guy in control of it.

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