9 Hacks Every Rookie Traveler Should Know (Including How To Get Your Luggage First)

When it comes to travel hacks, they're a dime a dozen. We understand that everyone wants to take pride in their go-to solution, but in our experience, very few of them actually lessen the headache of going to the airport! We're not just talking about being at the airport, we're talking about the entire experience — coming, going, and everything in-between. Travel is supposed to be fun! Even if it's for business, being able to see somewhere new and unfamiliar on an airplane, well, it sure beats sailing around on the damn Mayflower, no?

The holidays will be here in the blink of an eye and you know what that means — primetime travel season. People want to get home to spend time with their families and rightfully so! But should it come at the cost of their sanity? We don't think so. That's why we put together this quick little travel hack guide for y'all to hold onto through the new year!

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