WWE Star Akira Tozawa's Killer Body Transformation Will Have You Thinking Twice About That Second Slice Of Pizza

Image Via Instagram

With the holidays rapidly approaching, most of us have our appetites set on hearty, fattening fall recipe goodness. Well, that "most of us" definitely doesn't include WWE wrestler, Akira Tozawa. The man has practically lost half a person over the past few years. through rigorous diet and exercise. We're thinking he has no intention of regaining that dad bod anytime soon.

We figured Tozawa's body transformation could serve as a little #Fitspo for all you pudgy hearts out there looking for the proper motivation to get in shape. We know it's not easy, but sometimes seeing someone else start from the bottom and end up looking like Brad Pitt in Fight Club is all it takes to get the ball rolling. According to For The Win:

"Tozawa, a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion who competes on 205 Live and has become a fan favorite since debuting last year, actually put on weight as a part of a Dragon Gate storyline in 2008. Tozawa then had a “diet series,” where he gradually lost weight and began to improve in the ring. Nine years later, Tozawa is in the best shape of his life."

They aren't exaggerating with the "best shape of his life" statement. For lack of a better descriptor, he's shredded AF. Take a look at his transformational process below..

Not a ton of information is out there on just how Akira was able to undergo such a jaw-dropping body transformation, but if you're looking for some tips to get rid of that jiggle in your middle. We've got you covered, here, here and here. No pressure, guys! If you prefer that Santa Clause figure of yours, own it! Every body is beautiful.

Image Via Instagram/Akira Tozawa

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