Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Fails 2018 After Security Footage Of Him Cheating On His Girlfriend Surfaces

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Before we get into the details of lovers scorned, can we just all collectively take a moment to do a group facepalm? Seriously, Alex Pall, WTF? Sure, you're not the most famous dude on the planet, but you're recognizable enough that you shouldn't be cheating on your girlfriend in F'in public. Granted, you shouldn't be cheating on her in private, but, that's a whole other conversation. Now, under normal circumstances we think situations such as these should be kept private, but that option flew out the door the moment this security footage surfaced — that's the price you pay for being an idiot.

Are we labeling Alex Pall a bad guy? No, not necessarily. He's not the first man on the planet to cheat and he won't be the last. Consequently, women cheat too. His poor judgement, however, speaks to a bigger issue — cocky, Hollywood men with a God complex. You guys aren't invincible, you do know that, right? The actions you take have consequences and they hurt people; in this case, Alex's long time girlfriend, Tori Woodward. Fortunately, she was a real badass and didn't take the situation lying down.

Putting him on blast like that is exactly what he deserved! AOL reports that they've been dating since 2014. Imagine, for a moment, that your relationship of four years meets its bitter end as a result of security footage — it's pretty nightmarish to think about it — even if you consider yourself a real macho, emotionless man. Word of advice to all the men on planet Earth? Do better, respect women, and keep your d*ck in your pants.

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