Alexis Ren Rides A Skateboard In A Bikini (Great, Now We're Jealous Of A Skateboard)

I guess we just never thought we'd see the day that we'd be jealous of inanimate object, but hey! There's a first for everything, amirite? I think once ya'll see this picture of Alexis Ren on a skateboard you'll be feeling the very same way! That skateboard is on lucky bastard!

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Now, were not entirely certain if Miss Ren actually skateboards or if she was just using it as a prop. In either event, we are 100%, no make that 110% SMITTEN. Seriously, have you ever seen such perfection? Speaking of perfection, here's a little surprise video we're throwing in for you guys because we're feeling generous. We promise, you're going to SINCERELY appreciate the gift.

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You're welcome! Anyway, funny enough, we were starting to worry about Ren's Instagram presence considering she had gone 2 weeks or so without sharing a sexy selfie with her 9.7 million followers—Gasp! I know! A whole two weeks, the horror! Well that's a long damn time when you look forward to the little things in life—you know, like a beautiful model you've never met/you'd never have a shot in hell with sharing gorgeous photos of herself.

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Well, our fears have definitely been calmed because Alexis is back on the Gram with a vengeance, sharing sexy pic after sexy pic. At this point, we're getting sick of it! Hahahah just kidding, obviously. That's like getting sick of pizza or hell, getting sick of beer! It's perfectly unnatural for any grown man.

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