Alexis Ren Moons Us While Skateboarding And, Somehow, It's All Kinds Of Hot

In case you guys haven't noticed by now—and we're almost positive you have—we're quite the fans of the always sensational Alexis Ren, who never ceases to amaze us with some of the straight-up, unadulterated things that she does in front of the camera.

Whether it's simply just posing there, staring into the lens with those sexy eyes of hers, lying around and giving us some incredible hand bra action or, more recently, posting a video of her skateboarding around in a tiny bathing suit and mooning us for a video, Alexis Ren knows exactly what a guy wants.

And, dammit, it's so hard concentrating on things when she does things like this.

Guys, we have no idea why Alexis decided that, while casually riding around on a board, she'd decide that this would be the one thing she wanted to do. In fact, it's a little dangerous, if you ask us. I mean, what would've happened if she lost her balance and fell because she was just trying to tease us? What then?

Thankfully, Alexis Ren's little mooning didn't end poorly—but, as you can, it did end very sexy, and that's what typically happens anytime the 20-year-old Alexis gets in front of a camera. Don't worry, we've got more pics to prove that to you.

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