Alexis Ren On Wild Instagram Requests And How Style Can Help/Kill A Guy's Chances

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Just check FHM.com and you'll notice there's a hell of a lot of stories about 21-year-old model Alexis Ren, who continues to prove that she's one of the most stunning and inspiring ladies in the fashion industry. It's not really hard to see why, either.

Ren, while barely old enough to legally drink, sure isn't holding herself back in leaving an early mark on the industry, either, as she already represents a new generation of models that are not only to be seen but to be heard. She's an influencer in the biggest way possible, spreading positivity rather than hate, and that's just part of her appeal.


The latest example? Her leap into entrepreneurship, teaming up with Karl and Jaynee Singer, founders of Touché LA, to create a unique collaboration of activewear for ladies called REN Active, plucking REVOLVE.com as the exclusive retailer.

Since Alexis Ren continues to be a budding star in the modeling world — as well as having some serious style herself — we figured we'd pick her brain to see how a man's style can both help and hurt his chances with a woman, as well as wondering what it's really like being one of the most adored ladies on Instagram.

FHM: What's It Like Being One Of The Top Models On The Planet?

Alexis: "I wouldn't consider myself a top model, I'm just me. I love modeling, but It's one of many things I love doing."

FHM: Have Any Wild Stories Of Guys Sliding Into Your DMs?

Alexis: "Lots of dick pics, inappropriate wording. I don't mind much, though, I just disregard them."

FHM: If So, What's The Weirdest Request?

Alexis: "Asking me to come live with them... fly me out... other crazy stuff."

FHM: OK, So Instagram Isn't The Way To Get Your Attention, What Can A Guy Do For You To Take Notice?

Alexis: "Growing, expanding their knowledge to new things and being open to possibilities and experiences that life brings in.

FHM: How Important Is A Guy's Style When It Comes To You Being Into Him?

Alexis: "It's pretty important, not about being up to date with brands and hypes, but about knowing how to show themselves through the clothes they wear. It's a form of identity and art."

FHM: Speaking Of Style, You Just Launched Your Own Active Sportswear Line, How'd That Come About?

Alexis: "I've always wanted to see what it's like to be a designer and put creative flow into clothing. Active wear seemed right, I'm playing around right now, seeing how I feel."

FHM: Do You Take Some Responsibility In Helping Women Find Their Style (And Be Comfortable In Things) Because Of Your Modeling Gig?

Alexis: "Everyone is different. I personally feel the art of fashion is based on your perception of it. I enjoy being a part of the industry that you can pick and choose from to create yourself as an individual."

FHM: Be Honest, What Are Some Clothing Items Dudes Should Ditch Altogether And Just Toss In The Garbage?

Alexis: "Personally, I feel the Yeezy350s, and I've been seeing this all black with white sneakers look that I'm over."

FHM: Lastly, How Are Three Ways A Guy Can Use Good Style To Snag A Woman As Gorgeous As You?

Alexis: "Effortless style is my favorite. And I think that anyone can acquire that, they need to find who they are first and be confident in that."

See more pictures of Alexis Ren by following her on Instagram**, and see more of her REN Active line over at REVOLVE.

All images provided by REVOLVE Clothing.

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