Alison Brie Talks Foot Fetishists, Weed, And Of Course, Her Nudity In 'GLOW', In Latest Interview

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Alison Brie, uber-babe, Hollywood funny gal, and star of the new Netflix original series, "Glow" sat down with Playboy to play a riveting game of the ever-entertaining, 20 questions.

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The questions ranged from topics like foot fetishists and weed to her marriage to Dave Franco. Oh and of course, GLOW, but we already made sure to mention that, now didn't we? She's as unapologetically vibrant in print as she is on screen and to read this interview is to well, love her. Because we sure do!

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We went ahead and chose the few topics mentioned above to feature in this article. No worries, we provided the link to the whole thang later in the article! You're welcome. Yes, we know you could Google it. Just say thank you anyway, will ya please?

You’ve described your parents as reformed hippies. Was there a lot of herbal medicine around when you were growing up?

Well, there’s still a lot of pot. On Thanksgiving we all smoke tons of weed. I mean, not tons of weed; we go through phases. Some Thanksgivings I’ll bring a pot brownie and we’ll be sneaking into the closet and having bites of it. At this last Thanksgiving, it was just my parents and my sister and then a bunch of our friends out back with vape pens. It’s been fun introducing my parents to the new weed technology. They both have their pot cards now, though. I used to be the keeper of the weed; now they’re on their own.

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You get naked in the first episode of GLOW. Did you train for that too?

"Oh absolutely. I definitely did some push-ups and sit-ups in my room to pump up the right muscles beforehand. I’ve passed on a lot of projects that had nudity, but I was obsessed with getting GLOW. Nudity is a part of the show, and I had no hesitation. I love the character. I understood why they wanted it. Getting naked on camera is like ripping off a Band-Aid. The hardest part is the transition from being in your robe to being naked on set. Once I was naked, it kind of reminded me of my nudist days from college and that feeling of, Oh yeah, I love my body and this is fun and silly and it’s fine."

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You also have a following of foot fetishists. How do you figure that happened?

"I understand why people like my feet, because I do find them to be very cute. But I can’t totally make the leap to sexualizing them. People constantly request photos of my feet, and they also send me photos of my feet when I’ve worn minimal heels or have gone barefoot. Somebody explained to me that it’s because feet are the only part of your body that you can’t change or alter, so it’s really you. I found that to be quite beautiful. But then your mind just cuts to someone jerking off on their feet, and that image is ingrained in your mind forever. Why would you put your dick between two feet when you could put it in a warm vagina or a butthole?"

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