Meet Alysia Macedo, A Gorgeous Military Gal Who's Being Called The Air Force's Wonder Woman

Guys, meet the sensational Alysia Macedo, a fitness model who also happens to serve in the U.S. Air Force as a dental assistant, and has an Instagram account that's absolutely incredible. Remember when, just a few weeks ago, we told you about Rianna Conner, another military gal who set the Internet on fire with some of her pics? Well, Alysia's the latest to pull a similar move — and we're really glad she's been discovered, 'cause she's all sorts of sexy.

The 28-year-old Alysia Macedo was just 19 years when she began her service, deciding to join the Air Force because, flat out, she just wanted to serve her country. Here's what she said to the New York Post about her motive to take the leap:

“I had everything I wanted in life yet never felt satisfied. I wanted to be independent, travel the world, serve my country.”

“I think everyone should serve their country.”

That's pretty awesome, Alysia. The only thing more awesome for her patriotism, though? Her pictures, which flaunt her curves and help inspire others to reach their fitness goals. Hell she even posts before and after pics that show her funny side — like this "empty stomach versus full stomach" pose.

See, she's even got a sense of humor to boot with her badass looks and Air Force training, which she even pointed out in the aforementioned New York Post piece, saying: “I want people to see me being goofy having fun working out and see that it’s not so serious and miserable." That's pretty solid advice.

As far as being an attractive female in the military, Alysia does admit it can be difficult, but quickly added in the Post interview that she doesn’t think her fellow airmen are sexist. And, as if Alysia couldn't be more awesome, she even spends some of her downtime making sure things like that never happen, according to the Post:

“In my free time I teach prevention against violence, sexual assault, and many other things for everyone on base.”

“I didn’t have it easy. Most peers I spoke to for advice or mentoring were males.”

“No matter where you are people can be cruel.”

Now that she's risen to Instagram fame, Alysia Macedo seems to be living the best life, maintaining her service to the country and helping others, hopefully, be themselves. Attractive, fun, All-American, smart and inspiring, we'd say she has it all going right for her!

New York Post

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Lead image via Instagram/alysia_magen.