Amanda Cerny's Best Instagram Moments Are The Perfect Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

For those of you who weren't big into Vine back in 2016, the name Amanda Cerny might not ring an immediate bell. She began her career making six-second comedy videos before she was (almost immediately) catapulted into social media stardom — currently she has over 22 million followers between YouTube and Instagram alone. Yep, we're not even including Twitter here. Needless to say, y'all, the woman knows how to capture an audience.

It's easy to assume that her charming, girl-next-door good looks are responsible for her fame, but that's hardly the case. She parlayed her social media success into business partnerships, and hell, even businesses of her very own! Currently, she posts heath and fitness secrets on Cerny Fit, a fashion line on Cerny Shop and adorably candid content on Amanda Cerny 2. Of course, her following continues to rapidly grown on all of those accounts.

In an interview with Forbes Cerny explains the importance of remaining true to yourself in an industry that can sometimes toy with your image. When asked, "What made you think you were funny or have enough faith in your skills? What made you say, 'I’m going to make people laugh in six seconds.' Why even comedy? Why not style or fashion?" Cerny replied:

"You have to stick with what you enjoy and what you’re good at. So me doing beauty vlogs all the time, I would feel fake doing it because that’s not me. With comedy, I was always surrounded by comedians and joking around. And I loved writing. Writing skits and sketches and stuff."

Pretty solid advice, guys, don't you think? Not to mention, she's funny, headstrong, and beautiful? Yep, sounds like an all-around great gal to us! Below we've included some pictures of Amanda looking like a stunner, per usual. Enjoy!

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