Amanda Lee's Hottest Instagram Prove She's One Of The Sexiest Ladies On Social Media

A couple of weeks back, we were fortunate enough to have a chat with Instagram sensation and total bombshell, Amanda Lee to discuss everything from her ideal man to her celebrity crush. Today, we decided we'd bust out a little Tuesday treat with her hottest moments. If you've already seen Amanda Lee's Instagram then you must know how difficult it was for us to narrow down her pictures to anything less than, well, her entire freakin' account.

Being the seasoned professionals we are, we managed to select the crème de la crème (seriously though, it was NOT an easy feat). With almost 11 million followers on Instagram alone, it's clear that Amanda has fans (ourselves included), but that doesn't mean y'all shouldn't respect the lady's privacy...especially at the gym! When we spoke to Lee about getting hit on in public, which c'mon, must happen to her all the time, she was surprisingly sweet for someone who has to go incognito while working on her fitness:

"Yeah, it happens... I'm a homebody, so I mostly get hit on at the gym. I try to keep a low profile with a baseball cap and headphones on so I can actually get my workout done!"

Hear that, guys? Instead of distracting Ms. Lee from her workout, why not just take a look below. We have a feeling you'll like what you see!

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