Amanda Lee Shows Off Her Enviable "Assets" On Instagram And Ba Da Ba Ba Ba, We're Lovin' It

Instagram should write a thank you letter to Amanda Lee because basically, at this very moment, she's the only account worth following and we guarantee her loyal 11 million Instagram followers would agree. OK, OK, so, she's not the only account worth following, but she's definitely one of the sexiest ladies on there and for that, we can't help but give her a solid shoutout (yet again).

We're pretty sure Lee is a long-lost Kardashian, except the booty actually matches the thighs. Of course, a body like that doesn't come easily. Amanda is a dedicated fitness junkie of sorts, spending what's likely to accumulate a million hours a week in the gym — because, really, how else does one acquire a bum like that without actually paying for it?

She's so dedicated to fitness in fact, that she has her own website where she offers her services (no, not the fun kind) in hopes of helping other people to achieve their #bodygoals — most specifically/obviously #bootygoals. In an interview with Maxim Lee detailed a few things about her award winning booty and social media-centric lifestyle. When asked when she began posting to Instagram:

"I am a personal trainer, and I had a client who had been in a few hip-hop music videos, so she had about 80,000 followers. One day we took a selfie together at the gym, and she posted it and tagged me. I was suddenly flooded with followers and requests to post workout videos, so I figured I would go with it."

Our favorite question, however, was if she think she has a better butt than Jen Selter — "No, she has an amazing booty! I think we have very different body types though, so I don't really understand the frequent comparisons. She is much more lean and muscular, and I am a bit curvier." We couldn't agree more, Amanda, we couldn't agree more!

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