Amazon Alexa Will Now Deliver Beer To You, Meaning You Never Have To Leave The House Again

Image Via Shutterstock

According to USA Today, as of yesterday if you have an Alexa-powered device (i.e. the echo speaker) you can order wine, beer, and liquor in Seattle and just wine and beer in Columbus and Cincinnati.

I'm wondering, is technology becoming too advanced? Is Amazon Alexa eventually going to rise up and kill us all? Eh, maybe, but at least for now she'll get us booze. So, how does that work?

Pretty simple, if you're located in any of those 3 cities and you're a Prime Now member, you tell Alexa what you want and Amazon will have it delivered in 2-hours. The individual who has the account doesn't have to be 21, but the person accepting the delivery will be ID'd.

As mentioned you can only do this in Seattle, Columbus, and Cincinnati, but Amazon will undoubtedly expand in the coming months.

As an even more awesome aside, the beer and white wine come chilled. What a time to be alive, huh?

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