Amber Heard Looks Pretty Stunning As 'Mera' From 'Aquaman' (And We're Actually Excited To See It)

Did the headline come off as a bit snarky? We apologize, it wasn't really intended to! All we're saying is, we didn't think we'd ever be excited to see Aquaman and well, now that these pics of Amber Heard have surfaced as Mera — we DEFINITELY are.

It's not that Aquaman isn't a valid superhero in his own right, he's just not exactly the first one that comes to mind. At least not my mind — who knows, we can be totally off base here by not accounting for a huge Aquaman fandom. Oh sh-t, are they going to come after me now? You know how cutthroat those cosplayers can be. To be fair, he is a member of The Justice League so he's gotta be worth his salt, we suppose?

According to the DailyMail — "The movie is currently being filmed in Australia and is set to splash into theaters on December 21, 2018." While Heard takes the cake when it comes to the sexiness factor, she hasn't really shown off her acting chops just yet! Her real acting debut will be in The Justice League come November of this year. There are however some heavy-hitting names for Aquaman — "Actor James Momoa will play Aquaman, with Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson and Willem Dafoe also starring in the project.

All I know is that you guys are really going to enjoy these pictures! So much so, that I know you'll be in the theaters watching come December 2018!

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