Amber Rose Slays World's Biggest Internet Troll In The Best Possible Way

I'll give you a guys a minute to try and figure out who I could possibly be talking about in regards to "The World's Biggest Internet Troll." In the spirit of being helpful, I'll go ahead and eliminate both Tomi Lahren and Donald Trump. In fact, this person isn't American at all and is often described as a misogynistic assh-le—the very term Ms. Amber Rose threw his way this past weekend, actually.

Alright, alright enough with the mysterious guessing-game-shtick—the troll was none other than the worst dude on the planet, or at the very least in the entertainment circuit—Piers-F'in-Morgan.

Point blank, Piers hates women. There's really no other way of putting it. He especially hates naked women and unfortunately for Morgan, Amber Rose was a whollllleee lotttaaa naked this weekend—so much so that Instagram took down the post!

We went ahead and put the infamous (and important AND FEMINIST) picture in the gallery below, but I want ya'll to read some of the craziness from their Grade A Twitter battle as well.

Fact is, Amber is 100% correct in stating that her breasts are covered! Her legs are closed! I've seen far more revealing photographs in my day. If I had to guess, it's the pubic hair that's getting Morgan's panties in a bunch, but you know what, Ol' Chap? As Amber said, deal with it. Nobody has ever died from looking at a well-maintained bush. Hell, nobody has ever died from looking at unkempt bush! It's hair! She's sexy! You're old and gross. Exhibit A:

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