17 Women Who Make Red, White And Blue Look Sexy AF

Not gonna lie, it hasn't exactly been a banner year for The Good Ol' U S of A, but rest assured we're trucking on stronger than ever—with even more motivation to bring you the most beautiful American flags you've ever seen!


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Of course, we aren't going to feature the flag itself swaying in the wind at sunset. Pretty? Sure. FHM-style? No way! We're here to provide you with 16 jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, foxy-ass women wearing the best colors in the world—red, white, and blue!

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When you're slamming back Bud Lights this weekend (although, there are SO MANY BETTER BEERS OUT THERE) we want you to remember what you saw here today and be proud of your country and everything it represents! Well, once represented and will hopefully represent again once we get rid of our stale-cheeto of a president.

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Sorry, didn't mean to get political, Fellas! But hey! I can't help it. There's just something about remembering how badass of a nation we live in that really gets me going! Of course, aside from honoring these lovely-ladies for the happiness they provide, we want to acknowledge all the brave men and women who sacrifice everything to keep our freedom safe and unwavering—ya'll are the REAL MVPs.

Alright, Gents. It's time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the red, white, and blue ride! Remember, these colors are meant to represent 'MURICA (not France, Slovenia, Australia, Cuba, Paraguay, Russia, Chile, France, Iceland, or Thailand....who also have RWB flags). Oh, and here's a little Kate Upton below to get you started. Enjoy the gallery and Happy Fourth of July!!


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