An Atheist, A Rabbi, And A Priest Smoke Weed Together (No, This Is Not A Joke)

Image Via YouTube/WatchCut

WatchCut's YouTube channel is pretty notorious for their weed smoking videos. Sometimes it's a group of grandmothers, other times it's former police officers. In any event, they're always f'in hilarious and often times, really insightful.

It's about bringing people together from different walks of life to bond over something that actually, most people can agree on, even ultra-religious people! This week's episode was a bit nerve-wracking at first because it really could have gone either way. It could have been incredibly awkward or incredibly awesome. Thank God it was the latter (pun-intended).

The video features Jim, a rabbi who hasn't smoked in many years. Chris, an Episcopal priest who hasn't smoked since high school and Carlos who is a conservative, homosexual atheist who grew up Southern Baptist and hasn't smoked weed in an hour.


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