An Optical Illusion Of An Upside Down Bed Has People Thinking Very Dirty Things

As you've probably noticed, we really enjoy dirty optical illusions. What can we say, there's just something about looking at a photo and thinking we see something that's not really there, but our minds really want to believe exists.

And there's a new one that's hit the Internet that has people very amused.

So, what does your mind tell you you see? An upskirt pic of a woman's panties? Probably... because you've got a filthy mind.

The photo has quite the interesting story, though, as it's actually a bed set that just happens to be upside down. The user—believed to be from Taiwan—claims the picture was sent to him upside down by accident after he had asked the boss of a bedding company to send a photo of one of the products in the store. Needless to say, the user probably thought it was his lucky day.

Nope, sorry, fella, nothing to see here except some luxurious bedding.

Image via Facebook/Baoxiao Commune.


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