Ana Cheri Dons Gold Paint And Bares Some Skin Because, Hell, She's Awesome

The name Ana Cheri is always one that gets our attention—and with good reason, because the brunette is an absolute stunner who often posts some of the sexiest photos on social media.

And, given it's Friday and we're feeling a little groggy from a night out last night, Ana came to the rescue to save us from the somewhat irresponsible decisions we made at the bar, which, yes, included a rousing rendition of The Beatles' I Saw Her Standing There at a karaoke bar.

So, how exactly did Ana Cheri energize our minds and life our spirits to close out the week? Well, just check that headline above you, pal, because the 30-year-old took to Instagram and decided that going topless and sprinkling herself with gold paint would be a wise move.

We couldn't have agreed with her more.

Rather than turn to way too many cups of coffee to wake ourselves up and try to focus on a computer screen all day long, Ana Cheri decided to give us that mega spark necessary to conquer the day.

For that, we'd like to thank you, Ana, because you clearly know what a man wants in order to be happy—and all of these pictures only prove that.

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